Ooooh! Look at Me!

Hello Bluebird will be having their Grand Opening Event tonight. If you are in the Philadelphia (West Reading) area tonight or anytime, please check out this shop.

flyer single opening

I was reading a blog post about the new shop on Daisy Janie, and found this picture.

See that there are 6 rows of cards? The third row down, those are my cards! They are sitting right above Curly Girl‘s cards-who I LOVE! I noticed some PaPaYa product in the shop as well and wondering if there is any of Sabrina Ward Harrison stashed in the shop as well. I am so excited to be nestled among artist’s that I love so much.

**This post has been updated to include the following “sighting.”

Following the opening at Hello Bluebird Labor Day weekend, Primrose Design has posted some photos of the shop.

There are I am again! This is a picture of the same cards, just a different angle. If you look through the glare of the window you can see my framed prints. Again, I can’t express my excitement over being next to Curly Girl Designs!


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