“Let What You Love Be What You Do”

I was reading decor8′s post this morning and I really loved Michelle’s (from design evolution) advice that she offered

At this stage of my life these words from the Persian poet Rumi,“Let What You Love Be What You Do” resonate quite strongly. Life is too short to be dragging your feet. Embrace every moment running, jumping, playing and most importantly doing what makes you truly happy. 


This is what I strive for and also what I struggle with. I have had Butterfly Boucher’s song “Life is Short” stuck in my head all morning, even before this quote. 



I know that I promised “lots of pictures” from you my show, but today I am cameraless so the photos will have to come later. And I will let you know now that the “lots” is 2. I should have made a better effort at making the BF the official photographer of the night. I did have a friend take several photos, so I will be stealing some of her facebook photos to share with you. 


The show went amazingly well. I can’t believe that I had been waiting 5 months for that event and it is all over and one with. It is over stated, but true, time really goes back faster the older you get. I sold 3 pieces of artwork the night of the show, as well as prints and cards. I was informed that another piece sold this past weekend as well. It’s so exciting to know that my artwork will be in somebody’s else. It was really great to speak with the people buying my artwork as well. On man had previously purchased my artwork and was full of suggestions for me. He really wants me to include a bio/story about the artwork with each piece, he also suggested I start working in jewelry. 


I have started tackling the studio’s storage issues, and have made 2 trips to target this week already. I am trying to repurpose some of the storage items used in my clothes closet in an attempt to save some money. I am still toying with the idea of wall shelves, but just don’t know about it in an apartment.


I also made a trip to the fabric store to pick out the solid color for my downstairs curtains. My first trip to Jo-Anns was unsuccessful as I arrived on Sunday at 5:58 and they close at 6pm. Yesterday’s trip was also unsuccessful, although I did make it into the store this time. I found a fabric that would work but needed 8 yards. The only store in the “area” with enough yardage was over an hour away. I’ll have to check out the smaller shops now and hope I find a color that matches.


In the mean time I can think about my quilt project. I need to pick out a solid fabric for that as well. Laying in bed last night, I remember that I have some blue fabric from the BF’s mom’s stash that I picked out this summer. Tonight I will have to see if it does indeed match and how much is really there. I could always do 2 different solids and save money by not having to buy so much fabric. 


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