Wish Upon a Star…

I hate catching my self saying it, but “I wish it was over.”

My show is in two days and rather than excitement-which is there to a certain degree-I am wishing I were on the other side of it all. Things have been changing in my life in good ways, but it’s disrupting my routines. And I love my routines, it helps keep the anxiety at bay. I have felt so lazy lately, only getting done the bare minimum. It doesn’t take a lot to get off track off my routines and next thing I know I’m completely off. And it is so much harder to get started again.

I have last minute scanning and final checks to do tonight before I drop off my art work tomorrow. And then I will have to fuss over myself on Thursday before the show, arrive too early and wait for people to arrive.

One of the last pieces added to the line up

One of the last pieces added to the line up 12x6


Yes, I did type up my labels with my old fashioned typewriter. Only took two go thurs and a few other mistakes. I enjoy making things difficult


I know I must stop. and. enjoy. this.

…but all I think about are the goals I want to attend to once the show is over:

• address the organization in my studio. find better homes for everything in that room
• finish measuring for the curtains and buy the rest of the needed fabric-sew curtains.
• final measurements for the quilt for our bed, order batting, buy king sheet for backing, get wool yarn-sew quilt
• make an effort at getting my work in more shops
• etc. etc. etc.

Of course I am always have my eyes open when I go to cute little shops. Never do I have the courage to open my mouth about myself. I did pick up the card at the most adorable shop in Brekenridge, CO this weekend. I was in owe as I walked through Magical Scraps. If only I lived in Breckenridge, I could work there.

The previous location of Magical Scraps
Above: The previous location of Magical Scraps Below: Another cute shop to contact

Another shop to contact about my work.

I will be back in a few days with lots of pictures to share from the show and hopefully a little more energy. Off to the gym tonight to start making my own energy.


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