It Comes in Threes

I was in my studio last night. And rather than focus on a final piece for my show, I lay on the floor wishing it wasn’t so messy in that room. One of my many post-show goals is to create a better organizational system. The BF told maybe I should stop collecting so much stuff. I told him that as an artist, I had to collect things. Plus, I’ve been accumulating more things due to my “business”-envelopes, bags, chipboard, etc. The problem is that there really isn’t much space left for anything in that room. The furniture that is there-2 desks, a click-clack couch and a standing shelf-only fit in the room the exact way they sit now. I’d like to get more drawers and make a better effort of using the closet. I would love to get shelves for the wall, but that may not happen as we are in an apartment.

I tried to ignore that I’m always digging to find things and rework a piece I had previously considered finished. I’m not sure I feel any more satisfied with the end result. But the text is more legible and I don’t have a lot of time be reworking all the art I finished. I still have to varnish or wax it, but otherwise I consider it finished-again.

I was able to complete an additional 2 pieces of art to add to my existing 8. I have another one started, but my deadline is looming…NINE DAYS. And actually I must drop the artwork off a week from tomorrow.

Below is a picture of the base for the 2 new pieces, as well as a photo of my birds that didn’t end up on the finished piece. I ended up coloring them orange and yellow and really didn’t like the color. I have since tried to color over them with some pinks and reds, but I am still not thrilled with them. They will go in the stash of items to try out next time.

CIMG0823 CIMG0822

I was so giddy yesterday when I (re)found a new artist. I had actually cut out an article about her from Cloth, Paper, Scissors in January as part of my inspiration-goal setting at the first of the year. And then a few months ago I found this cute desktop wall paper at Kindred. I obviously hadn’t paid any attention to the artist’s name before, because when I came across her yesterday I was so thrilled to have found her collage work.

artwork by Sarah Ahearn from her etsy shop

artwork by Sarah Ahearn from her etsy shop

So it took the third exposure for me to realize I had already found this artist-and loved her for me to get it. I was at the good heARTted website, which I found through Mati Rose’s blog,and found Sarah Ahearn-again. I realized it was her when I saw the desktop wall paper as a print on her etsy site, as well as prints featured in the magazine article. Her bright colors and bits of scraps really appeal to me. Seeing work like that always gets me so excited and worked up about wanting to create myself. Of course I usually get my creativity bursts at the worst moments-3pm in the afternoon, moments before sleep, car trips, etc. And by the time I’m home, I’m tired (or too frustrated from trying to figure out to scan slides with the scanner.)

I haven’t had a chance to finish exploring the good heARTed site or the creator, Heather L Murphy’s site, but look forward to the mouth watering inspiration I am sure to find.


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