Hot Summer Days

I am a few days late in the post, but I actually created July’s journal page in the month I was supposed to. I’m also posting June’s page as the photo I posted before wasn’t the best quality.

0609 0709

So August is here. That means my show is 3 weeks away and summer is passing by way too quickly. We spent a great day at the park yesterday. It has been hot here. We really haven’t had a lot of hot weather this summer. The unusual rain has kept the heat at bay and days enjoyably warm.

Sunday has not be as productive. I dropped off some cards and prints at the shop. Everyone one else had plans today which left me on my own. I watched Gilmore Girls in the A/C and took a nap. I hope to make it to the gym tonight as I haven’t gone since last Monday. I didn’t feel well all week which kept me pretty lazy after work.  I have better hope for the coming week.

I had thought of working in my studio. But sitting here now doing a few web updates, I am practically sweating. The A/C doesn’t work as well upstairs and as soon as I turn on the light in here, it warms up even more. It might just be portfolio work downstairs instead.


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