Seeing 3D

I found this new packaging blog called the dieline. I was originally sent there through another blog’s post about Help Remedies.

Help Remedy

This packaging appealed to me because of it’s simplicity carried out across many applications as well as their use of alternative green friendly packaging.

I like looking at packaging, but I personally have very limited experience. My first year of design I created new packaging for pasta, but that was the extent of it. I realized in ceramics that thinking in 3D is a weakness of mine. My mom suggested that I start creating 3D pieces of art and I sited the ceramics example. She suggested houses, which wouldn’t be terribly difficult to work with. At least the 4 sides would all be the same shape and size. Plus, I could probably use the challenge. I did see a great bird cage made of paper at a shop in town and eyed it for awhile wondering how I could recreate the cage myself. House look easier at this point. Perhaps after the excitement/stress of my studio ends at the end of next month, I will devote some creative brain power to a 3D project.


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