Photo Update: Food+Art

I thought I would finally post some of the photos I have been taking of the food that I have been cooking as well as my artwork.


Our Window Herb GardenCIMG0786


I was so excited to use the basil we have been growing this summer. I made enough of this pasta for 2 servings, but I ate all of it myself in two helpings. A great fresh summer meal. I would share the recipe but I can’t find the bookmark for it. But it’s pretty easy: olive oil, tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese tossed with pasta. I don’t think quantities really matter here, it’s a great one to play with.


I was able to jazz up my left over french toast by adding a sliced up a banana with real maple syrup and pecans to a pan and simmering. Delicious!


This is the curry that I was so excited to make. I was greatly disappointed by it. I did what I thought I always do, mix red curry paste with coconut milk and stir fry some veggies. But the end product just tasted like creamy + spicy. The flavors didn’t really come together. Which I realize was a result of not simmering the two together for longer. But either way I tossed the rest of the red curry paste out since the label said “good for one month” and I had had it for at least 6 months. My disappointing results had ruined it for me anyway.

I have completed my art for my show. Whew. I have been feeling very anxious lately with my first ever show coming up. There is still a month left and plenty of time to tie up the lose ends that I must deal with, but I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by it. And even though the 8 pieces I had intended to complete are done, I still want to work on making more. I ordered a selection of 12×12, 6×6 and 5×7 canvases from Dick Blick the other day. They always have the best deals on canvases. I got 16 canvases for $85.


This photo was taken about a month ago when I thought I was almost done and realized the piece on the far right needed some work. That piece has been the most troublesome and has been quite a process to finally complete.


Above was the first time I thought it was complete and right before I tore the fabric completely off. To protect the white rub on letters I had pained gel medium on top. But when I went to put the varnish on, the gel medium had created a protective layer over the fabric and made a different colored box around the letters that just made the piece look poorly put together. I didn’t have any more of the blue fabric, so it sat on my desk while I tried to figure out a way to fix the problem.

I went to Archiver’s today to look for some patterned paper to cover the left side. I found something in the right color scheme. But after all that, I ended up using a completely different solution.


My finished 8 pieces.

Also, I was completely tardy on my June calendar journal. It wasn’t until this week that I finished the page. I know I really dropped the ball on that one- the only solid concrete resolution I had. Wait, I take that back. This blog was a resolution and although it is not a tangible thing, it has become a pretty solid and concrete thing for me. I just totally forgot about the calendar project last month.



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