Web Eye Candy

Some new web places to check out:

For you designers-and visual people- out there:

Cape Acrona– info about new fonts as well as some FREE ones, and what designer doesn’t want more free fonts?

Print & Pattern– this is a website that celebrates the world of surface pattern design based out of the United Kingdom

Colorstrology-find your personal pantone color based on your birthday

Spagat– ignore that the text is in Dutch. I like looking at pictures more anyway. Her collage work is inspiring. To see her design click here. Also, her blog is interesting as well, and in english. And her studio blog is here-again in Dutch, but just look at the pretty pictures.

Domestic Candy– I have never wanted to know German until now. This is another great one for just the pictures.

Share Some Candy-might as well throw this one in to go with the theme

Finally, if you love to cook or just love food. I LOVE the site Taste Spotting. It’s listed on my sidebar, but I wanted to make sure you all knew the greatness of this site. Prepare to drool.


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