My Yellow Plan

After browsing through Design Sponge’s Before & After section on Friday, I felt completely dejected about our apartment and that love that I have felt for it since we moved in began to wane. Seeing all the re-purposed furniture made me want a cute living room-dining room-bedroom too! So it’s not so much the apartment as everything in it that I was tired of. I stared at our furniture Friday night wondering what I could paint or recover.

Our Minnesota trip brought a truck full of items from our parents house into our home. With it, an unstained wooden kitchen cart. This will be my new project. I have to act quickly though before I loose my attention span or let the BF convince me it doesn’t need to be painted or to just paint it black-so boring! Since our dinning nook-the new home to the kitchen cart- connects to our living room, I must consider the black kitchen table, DVD shelf and TV cart and our brown couch. I want to bring color into the room because as a visual person I want a visually inspiring room- something pretty to look at. I am leaning toward gray as my base with accents of yellow. This means a trip to the hardware store to pick up paint samples for an actual painting project (usually I am there collecting them for an art project.) And I will order Amy Butler’s Optic Blossom in Linen fabric. But I have to figure out what to sew. I thought of a table runner, but it just seems so useless, so I’m leaning toward panel curtains for the window above the table. Also, I can finally finish the second pillow for the couch and order another fat quarter of Amy Butler’s Lacework in Brown at the same time to save on shipping.

Optic Blossom in Linen

Optic Blossom in Linen

Lacework in Brown

Lacework in Brown

Then I can order the Keep Calm and Carry On print that I have been wanting since winter.


I am hoping that by posting this plan I will be more likely to carry it out. Wish me luck! I’m so excited to post before an after photos.


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