Quilting Decisions

My creativity usually comes in rotating bursts.

Right now I am in my cooking burst. Last spring it was sewing and somewhere in the middle was my artwork-and that was more out of necessity than anything. I have had a quilt project on the back burner since we moved into our new place since I really want to have a “grown up” bedroom. Since the BF and I can’t agree on a bedspread I thought I would make one. I have never made a quilt before-well except for the one my mom and I did together and she did all the hard stuff.

I am getting stuck on the design process and then the even harder part of picking fabrics. The last quilt was made up of all the scraps my mom had saved over the past 20 years. I was hoping to use the pretty designer fabrics I see on Etsy (Amy Butler, Anna Marie Horner, etc) and I even got the BF to agree on Amy Butler’s Daisy Chain in Silver (I really wanted to the Blush but there was no way I’d get him to agree to purple and green.) But now I just keep going in circles. Fabric still feels very foreign to me and not being able to have it in my hand, placing fabric side by side makes it even more difficult.

quilt idea 1quilt idea 2

Thankfully I have a designers mind and tools. I screen grabbed the fabric samples and placed them all in InDesign to arrange my pattern. These were actually the two fabric pallets that the BF agreed on. He actually said “why don’t you do two-one on each side” the first time I showed him my ideas. I was grateful for his support, but two?! That is a lot of work and money on fabric for a skill I have far from mastered. It was the “not mastered” that got me reworking my ideas. How much time and money did I want to spend on this? How much patience do I really have? So I simplified.
quilt idea 4

quilt idea 5

These designs allow me to buy less of the expensive pretty fabric and require a lot less sewing. Plus they don’t look so “quilt” like. Because even though I know I’m making a quilt, I won’t be doing all the fancy stitching. In fact I was planning on using the method I found on the Purl Bee, my initial inspiration for this project, of wool yard tied at intervals. I still really like that quilt, but I have to work with the BF-he didn’t like the line down the middle.

So instead of making a decision, I keep thinking and reworking and looking for more ideas. I found this free pattern yesterday from Del Hi.


And for $82 I could order the High Desert fabric needed to make that exact quilt. I wouldn’t have to figure out the yardage or group fabrics. But that voice in my head said “it wouldn’t be original.” But for my first quilt maybe I should go an easier route. I could use the pattern at least and then pick my own fabrics out. I just don’t know.

Oh! and just found this one by Amy Butler. It’s a duvet cover-which I have thought of doing but our comforter is some weird English size.



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