Still on the Food Kick

I will be spending a long 4th of July weekend up at the lakes in Minnesota with the BF’s family. He will be staying the entire week and I will be flying back to Denver Tuesday. This means I will be cooking dinner for just myself for 4 nights. I have been making a mental list of all the foods I will be able to make without having to take his food preferences into account.

courtesy of stacey snacks online

courtesy of stacey snacks online

Tomatoes-I found this bruschetta today which is inspiring me to put our basil to use-finally. The BF started basil, parsley and chives from seeds early this spring and they have grown into beautiful plants. In fact his 2 basil plants are doing better than my store bought plant. I keep rubbing the leaves and bringing my finger tips to my nose to catch the beautiful smell of the basil.

I also found a pasta recipe with angel hair, tomatoes, basil and garlic that I will be eating next week.

Risotto-I have a large container of risotto that has been sitting in the cupboard for well over a year. I don’t make it very often since this is also an item that the BF doesn’t like. I’m thinking Lemon risotto…with basil?

Curry-I bought red curry paste several months ago and have barely used a quarter of it. I love this creamy coconut sauce on rice and peppers. The BF even walked into the house one night after I had made it saying it smelled good. But when I told him it was curry, he retracted his statement. He was ill off of curry once and will not return for seconds.

I look forward to my few weekends and nights alone to make whatever food I please. Plus being an only child I do crave solitude for balance. I spent last Saturday night making potato salad, a smoothie for dinner, a blog post, a movie and freshly painted nails. O and a lovely 2 hour nap Saturday afternoon.


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