Words of Encouragement

The other night I was welcomed to this e-mail in my inbox

Too hard to pick!  They are all great!
Would it be too much to ask for 4-6 of each card design (unless you want to sell them in packs, in which case I would do 3 packs of each design)?  I think 8 card designs makes a nice visual impact.
As for prints, again, is it too much to ask for 2 of each?
I am really excited about your work–it is great and i think it will do really well!
Keep in touch and let me know if I am being too greedy!

I was so thrilled for her excitement in my work!

I also had a friend reveal she was *gasp* jealous of my motivation and drive and recent success. I couldn’t believe it. There are so many days were I feel guilty for not going up to the studio, for putting off my ordering, or not making efforts to expand my “business.” There is a whole “To Do List” that doesn’t seem to shrink and excuses to cover up. I must remember my successes more often. I can’t be THERE right away.

In addition, I had my first commissioned sale last week. My dear friend-and biggest fan- requested a custom wedding card for her friend. “I will pay you whatever,” she said.

Custom Wedding Card


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