Where There is One Good Blog…

I was visiting Apartment Therapy today,a website that I find fun to look at, but the title is misleading. I don’t know what apartments these people are living in because I could never do half that stuff in my apartment, since for one, I have never been able to paint my many apartments. But I came across a feature on a designer’s condo and clicked on her blog How About Orange. It was like Pandora’s box, or the opposite-because what came of it was good, not famine and misfortune.

Blog Candy:

Kindred– features free desktop downloads

Decor8– one of the creators of Kindred

Creature Comforts– the other creator of Kindred

i DIY– full of crafty DIYs and free downloads

Share Some Candy-when you’ve visted all your bookmarked sites, check this out

Also, seen this effect lately? Wondered how they did it? Now you can to!


curtesy of titlshiftmaker


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