SOON Available in Two Locations

It looks like you will soon be able to purchase my product-wow! I just used the words “my product”- in Philadelphia! I recently found the blog All Mimsy and saw her request for artists for her new shop to open in August. I emailed her a link to my blog and was welcomed by an email in my inbox last week telling me she loved my work.

I have not been very pro active in getting my work out into other venues. I was lucky when Rejvanest fell into my lap. I purchased artwork at her shop and told her I was an artist. She suggested I bring work in for the shop. That was last June and it’s still working well for me. I can pretty much bring in whatever I want, whenever I want. A good deal for a newbie like me.

Now I must send my cards and prints off to the printer and get the train rolling. As you know, I have been working toward my August show and must do these things anyway. But to be ready for the Philadelphia shop, I need to be shipping by end of July. Which means I need everything back from the printer so I can start putting the finishing touches on everything-inserted into sleeves, signed, etc. I think I have made the decisions of what is going to press. I have never made such a big order and am nervous about the several hundred dollars I plan to spend. But I know it is worth it and I know that my work will continue to sell.

I finished another piece this weekend, an 8×8. A friend told me she loved the birthday card I made for the boyfriend, so I used the mountain backdrop as an inspiration point for this piece. The flowers were drawn for the orange piece here, but the colors were off so I put them on hold. Glad I kept them around because they work great on this piece. Still loving the wax on the artwork. It gives it such a nice finish and texture. And the final touch that you may not be able to see here, there are clear beads strung on the green thread at the bottom.




I have the other 8×8 started as well as a 16×19 going right now. Once those are completed I will feel “ready” for August. Any additional work accomplished after that would be great. I will have 3 6×6, 2 16×19, 2 8×8 1 9×14 plus the cards and prints.


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