Better Late than Never

I am behind in posting my Journal Calendar for the month of May.  I did, however, complete the page in the month of May, so I am right on schedule. Although, it wasn’t until the 28th that I remembered to do it. 



I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the things that I must accomplish. I have two wedding invites on my plate-one is a super rush for the end of this month, while the other isn’t due until next year. And the biggest thing right now is getting ready for my show in August. I am preparing to order my cards and prints and I have become very indecisive about which designs to order. I will be spending a couple hundred dollars on this order and I’m nervous about investing that kind of money, and excited about it too. I know my work sales and I shouldn’t have a problem making the money back. It’s still just such a big step. Plus I am still working on artwork for the show. And then I must balance this with working all day and the desire to sit on the couch with the boyfriend eating ice cream and watching The Office-last night’s entertainment. But I am proud of myself this morning: I got up at 6:30 to work in the studio. I started the backgrounds for the 8x8x2 canvases I bought 2 years ago. I feel that if I finished the 16×19 I have been struggling with and these two 8x8s then I will feel okay about the quantity of work. Anything above and beyond that is great. Summer is just a hard time to be a productive artist.


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