Hump Day Round Up

As it has been slow at work and I am still a newbie, I have had the opportunity to do some internet adventuring

Here are a few of the fun/entertaining/delicious things I have found:
Courtesy of the Fontfeed , check out these amazing end credits
With out a doubt one of the most beautiful title sequences ever, the intricate and sophis­ticated piece is a perfect marriage of art direction and design, motion graphics, music and typography.
  • This is my new favorite blog and I can’t wait to try the chicken salad recipe, even though I have previously claimed to dislike said salad.
  • And check out the purlbeehive for a great selection of creative blogs. It kept me busy for a few hours this week.
  • For the designers out there, check out this blog. Full of tips and free vector graphics.
  • I will be trying this recipe out tomorrow night. Great for the summer weather that we are enjoying in Denver.
  • If you are feeling crafty this week check this DIY site or The Big Ass Book of Crafts, a book I picked up from the library this week.

What internet adventures have you been on lately?


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