Missing the Time

I am beginning my 2nd week of life on the job. It has been great to be working again, but I am missing the freedom of non-working life. The hardest part right now is that work is a bit slow and therefore there are not that many projects for me-as a newbie- to work on. I spend my days daydreaming about my old day to day schedule.

up by 8
breakfast and email
off to the gym
home for late morning snack
home tasks-laundry, dishes etc
up in the studio
(gilmore girls)
dinner prep
My art has been selling well. In fact that last piece I dropped off sold in 8 days. This is great, except that I am preparing for my August show and therefore don’t want to take any of the new pieces into the shop. The only answer is to create more work faster.
So I am feeling a bit overwhelming with all the things I must get done between the hours of 5:30pm and 8:30am. A time when I just want to relax after being at work all day. And make dinner and find time for the gym and now prepare for mom’s arrival.
And it’s summer so all I want to do is picnic in the park.
I have two 16×24 pieces started-the biggest so far- and I am feeling my usual artist’s block and don’t know how to continue. I must remember the mantra “whatever I make will sell.” This may be a bit extreme, but seams to be surprisingly true. After 6 months one of the 3 frames I made finally sold-just when I was getting ready to pull them from the store. 
The scanner is coming with my mom this week so I will be able to scan my latest pieces and turn them into cards and prints and send those off to the printer. Maybe I will be able to get those into the shop before my show at least. 
Thanks to my blog searching today, I found this movie that looks great.

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