Settling In

The days of no work are winding down to an end. I did become more productive with a deadline for starting work. I finished my fourth piece of art last night. It is the third in a small series. I found that creating similar but different pieces of artwork is easy for the first two, but by the third one it becomes more of challenge. I wanted to do something different but not totally different that it didn’t match the previous two. And of course there are no rules so I can do what I want. Once I realized this it made completing the third piece easier. It does not match exactly, but the size, background and flowers make the pieces go well enough together that someone may want to buy all three-which is what I was hoping for. But they still work well alone. 
I had used wax on the previous two pieces but for some reason I had more trouble with it this time around. I am looking forward to my mom coming to town at the end of the month because she will be bringing a hot plate to melt wax in. This means I won’t have to travel down to the kitchen with my supplies anymore, I can just plug in and turn on and wax right in my studio. As a final touch I put one coat of varnish on the pieces to help protect the wax and brighten the pieces up a bit.

I am also excited to say that the 2nd bedroom/artroom/studio/guest bedroom is almost all set up. Last weekend the boyfriend and I went furniture shopping. We ended up with a new dining room table for downstairs and a shelf and click clack fold down couch for the 2nd bedroom. The room is definitely full but still maneuverable. Now there is a couch for sitting (or entertaining clients as the boyfriend suggested) and a bed for sleeping when guests come to visit. Plus, I was able to put all my books on a shelf and find a home for the knick knack items. I had hoped to put the photo albums on the shelf as well, but I must have 1000’s of photos from my entire left and this would have taken up half the shelf. So the photos found a home on the shelf in the closet. Now I just need to get some stuff up on the walls, that for me is the hardest part to decide. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I own a house and get to decorate it for real, I will never be able to decide on a paint color for the walls!

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