Nearing the End

My final full week before starting work is drawing to and end. I have next week off as well but am leaving for Moab on Wednesday afternoon through the weekend. I have not been as productive as I had hoped. Those darn Gilmore Girls, so distracting. Plus I have been running errands for the boyfriend’s birthday present. I did start the mother’s day present and prep 2 canvases and do some shopping…

I thought I would post what I’m hoping are some better pictures, although I don’t have much faith in that. Some of these projects where just photo sketches last post and now are complete.

11×14, love this size, my biggest piece so far

I had almost forgotten about my monthly journal calendar when I started thinking about my new art journal. I quickly pulled open drawers and easily found the calendar. 

I would also like to add a final note about how annoying blogger is and that is why this post looks so jacked up. It kept adding it’s own preferences that I could not change.

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