I am an Illustrator

I have been away for awhile. This was a combination of a trip to NY and not having the internet for most of the month. 
The most important thing for me to post is that I GOT A JOB. It is a temporary design position to feel a maternity leave with the potential of becoming a full time job. I begin in 2 weeks. I am really excited to be starting a creative job and feel great about the praise I was given at the job interview. Finally my talent is being noticed. 
Originally, I was told the job would start around Memorial Day. I thought that if I were to get the job, I would still have the whole month of May off. I am having to adjust that to just 2 weeks now, right when I have gotten used to being unemployed and back into a schedule after moving, NY and being sick. 
This means that I have to finish pulling dead twigs and clearing our little garden space so that I can plant my flower seeds. I picked up a pair of gardening gloves and started the project early last week. I need to pick up some sort of gardening tool to help finish the job and maybe some good new dirt as well.
In August, I will be having my first show and had planned on starting art for it this whole time I’ve been unemployed. It wasn’t until this week (with the job offer) that I have finally sat down to do some work. I was so very proud of myself for finishing 3 pieces in 3 days. I had realized my problem in starting was that I have too many ideas. My head swims with them and I am unable to focus on just one idea and go with it. The ideas are always morphing into something else. 
Below are some terrible photos of the work I’ve completed. I have been working with wax and absolutely love it. For one, it is a great alternative to the gel medium I had been using to seal my artwork. And I love the milky, cloudy look (because I accidently bought white and not clear beeswax, which has worked out quite okay.) I have been pulling my black notebook doodles into my art and using my illustration. And that is a word I still am shocked to use. I have an easier time admitting to being an artist than an illustrator.
My new creative space, featuring my new-to-me desk (the wood one)
This was my first “big piece” an 11×14, which in my canvas collection is about a medium size. Next challenge is the 16×24’s
This is pretty much the finished piece
This was a photo stetch for another piece, probably the 16×24 I will start next.

With the strawberries on sale and the desire to make a pie, I made strawberry pie last weekend. I spend my Saturday night in the kitchen with my rolling pin and oven. A taste before being baked left me a little worried. However, I was pleasely surprised with my delicious pie. It was not my baking skills that I doubted, I believe I am a great baker and after all, how many 25 year olds do you know that bake pies from scratch? But I am not a recipe follower, I am a recipe modifier. I reduced the sugar and substituted half wheat flour for the white flour. And the boyfriend still thought it was too sweet. 



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