The Beast of the Internet

Not having the internet can be a pain on more than one level. 
First, by the time I get over to my empty old apartment to use the internet, I have forgotten most of what I wanted to look up. I check the required e-mail and stare blankly at the screen afterwards. I did make a list one day which helped, but realized I didn’t have some of the necessary information to complete my tasks. 
Secondly, I am completely behind on my blog posting. I was doing so well and now I am doing worse than when I started when I was at least posting once a week. 
Thirdly, there are so many blog posts that I have been unable to read. When our internet gets turned on Wednesday, I will be glued to the computer updating myself on 16+ blogs. 
For those of you who follow my blog religiously, you will be wondering what happend to that first purse that I started to sew. I posted the fabric and that was all. This is because it was a gift for my BFF. I had decided to make it for her so that I 1) had a deadline (my trip to NYC) and 2) had a purpose. I was fabulously proud of the finished product! And the BFF loved it, of course.

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