Things Are Looking Up

I am almost 100% moved into the new place. There are still a few strangler items left at the old place. One of those items is the internet. We have not hooked up the internet in our new apartment, so everyday I make the 1.5 mile trek to the old place with the laptop and plug in. This means that I am greatly behind in my blog watching, as well as my own blog posting. I am off to NY tomorrow so I thought I should make one post before my week long trip. 
In between moving and packing and unpacking, I managed to sew a new bag for myself. I really wanted to have the perfect tourist bag for my NY trip. Not too big, but big enough to hold my camera, notebook, water with a little extra room for whatever. I found a pattern  for a taxi tote in the book Seams to Me, and modified it a bit. I used the fabric I ordered from Etsy, which coincidentally was designed by the author of the book.
The pattern was a good place to start, but overall I felt the directions were a little hard to follow and the drawings weren’t much help. It was a good thing that I don’t like to follow directions anyway and was modifying the purse to begin with.

The hardest part about this project was deciding on the fabric. With 8 different patterns to choose from I spent several hours pushing fabric around until I found what I liked. Also, I was working from a selection of fat quarters which meant I was going to have to piece some fabric together. The pattern called for 3/4 of a yard for the outside and the lining. I just finished the purse this morning,  but I didn’t work on it at all yesterday and technically it was done on Monday. I was happy with the stitching on the bias tape, so I took it all out and re-sewed it this morning. So it really isn’t that long of a project. 
I had a busy Friday last week: An informational interview in the morning with a design firm, a real job interview with a company for a temporary maternity leave design position, and I was selling my cards at First Friday. Both interviews went well and it was especially nice to have the informational interview before the real deal. I was encouraged and reassured that I am a talented designer and not falling behind as a result of not doing creative design work for the past year and a half. I am waiting to hear back about the real interview. I would be called in for a second time if they liked me. 
First Friday went well, nothing spectacular, but it was exposure. I sold $23 worth of cards in a few hours and lots of people took my business cards. I am hoping this might lead to an etsy sale.
I also have an interview again today for a part time position. Things are starting to look up. I love love love my new apartment. It really feels like home. I am heading off for a vacation to NY to see my best friend. And my “business” is starting to grow a tiny bit again. I am off to Rejuvanest to drop off more cards and a piece of artwork. I must start concentrating on my show in August at the shop as well. My very own show!!

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