How I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways

I was roaming though Borders Bookstore recently and stumbled upon Paperchase. I had forgotten that Borders carried this London based company’s line of merchandize. Out of all the places I visited in London, this was by far one of my favorites. The day I stumbled upon this store I wanted to drop my entire bank account on cards and notebooks and papers. Of course the value of the dollar at the time would have left me with barely one shopping bag worth of purchases. Also, the fact that I was currently jobless prevented me from making most of the desired purchases. I did  splurge for a new umbrella when I realized I had forgotten my umbrella in my mom’s car on the way to the airport. And I made promises of future purchases once I was gainfully employed. 

I bought my portfolio book at London’s Paperchase for 7 pounds and was shocked to see a year and a half later it was selling for $24 here in the US. I also bought a large 11×17 kraft paper book for my “big book of prolific” for a reasonable price while abroad. If only I was still abroad and I could shop at their UK only amazon store, or visit their masthead store on Tottenham Court Road.
I am all caught up on my blogs again, which is now a list of 16. Today I added to my list (sewing books and art blogs) of addicting things. Cooking blogs. What makes this one so great is the pictures. I just want to head right into the kitchen and start cooking up a storm. On the list are these, these and these. Viewing this blog is a bit of a tease with my calorie counting, which I am starting to get tire. I kinda went of the wagon this weekend, wanting to enjoy a concert with friends, a 2 am breakfast, a 10 am breakfast, my homemade mac and cheese and more pasta at the ski condo. It is very difficult to count calories AND enjoy your life. My upcoming trip to New York will require a hiatus on my counting as well. Then only a few short days to April 20 and I will be done and supposedly at my goal. 

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