Doodles In My Blackbook

After last week’s entry about creating an art journal, here is the result. I picked out the School of Visual Arts catalog as my journal. The one I had kept for 2 years to specifically be an art journal. I love the binding on it: perfect binding with thick book board covers.

Every Tuesday, Amanobooks blog, one of the many blogs I discovered last week, posts a journaling tip. After viewing Amanobooks blog, I took their advice about the first page and created an intention page. It worked as a good place to start. As I created the page I thought, “This is easy, I could do this everyday.” Of course, I haven’t created a page since this one last week.
Since my last post, I had my second Temp job. I spent a Friday and a Monday answering phones for a wonderful company. I read 3/4 of my book and created several doodles in my blackbook. I also made my first Etsy purchase- all on the job. I had forgotten that even though I hadn’t been creating art to sell or even an “art journal,” I am often jotting down ideas and doodles in my blackbook.
I had good news from the shop my art is at. My February sales doubled from January and a few more canvases sold this past weekend. This is further motivation that I need to be creating again. Also, I am on schedule for 3rd Thursday in August. After settling from the move and back from New York, I must make art my job.
I have begun looking into online printers to print large quantities of my greeting cards. Some of the websites that have good deals: 250 cards for $90 or 500 for $93 with more size options 250 cards for $94 or 500 for $107– this site has smaller quantities available while most sites start at 250
I also have a friend doing some research at her shop for me.  There are great deals for 250 cards, but really do I want 250 cards at this point? With my budget that really means I can only get 2-3 designs.

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