What Are You Waiting For?

I’m going through the blogs I collected yesterday and I found a really amazing website to show case your own work. This site would be great for a graphic design portfolio or a place to show art journals. I particularly like how this artist has used mundane magazine images and collaborated them into the journal to create an amazing piece. 

Looking through all of these journaling blogs is making me feel guilty for not starting a new one for myself. I have plenty of books to choose from in my art drawers. And really to say the art room is “shut down” because of packing is truly an excuse. 
It is snowing here today-finally-and combined with the unemployment blues, I am feeling lazy and happy to close myself in doors. Although ideas of ice cream, hot chocolate and movies are filling my head, I should reprogram myself to art journaling. Or even planning my NY trip. I dreamed I was there and had not planned a single thing. I’m thinking a no to my noon yoga and a yes to picking out a journal and doing one page. 

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