Unemployment Blues

Last week I posted about starting a new art journal. I did not start a new journal, but I did remember that I had started an art journal calendar. I am using a calendar from last year and creating one journal page per month. Above is March’s entry. Not wanting my mini Rex Ray inspired collages to go to waste, I used them for this journal page. 

The unemployment blues are definitely starting to settle in. The $2 bowling was great yesterday but after bowling and appetizers and beer, I spent my weekly “allowance.” I have spent today at home doing some moving prep. Only one week left until we get the keys to our new place. I am excited to be movED and a little excited to actually move. It will give me something to do and setting  up a new place is always fun. I must resist the urge to buy more house things though. This always seems to be the case when one moves. New spaces and closets require new organizers and the desire to pretty everything up. I guess that is where my sewing craze comes in. I am always hesitant to sew for apartments though because I know I will be moving again and what will I do with the custom curtains?
In an effort to get ready to move, I went through my stack of library books. The last thing I want is to misplace a book and incur a late fee. I copied the recipes tagged in the cookbooks and googled the artists tagged in a journaling book. I now have 5 more blogs to follow and more inspiration. Of course the inspiration doesn’t seem to be the problem. It is the motivation. And I know that time is not the issue now. I have unofficially put art on hold with the packing. I collected the random items in my art room and placed what was left in a large tote and shoved other items into the drawers. I feel too disjointed to properly sit down and create since so much is out of place and cluttered in the drawers. I will enjoy setting up my new space and hopefully find rejuvenation in the process.
I do have an idea for the starting of a new background. I got brave and pulled out a precious 8x8x2 canvas and started placing strips of dictionary pages on top. I have yet to pull it out of the protective plastic wrap, not sure I want to commit just yet. There are 2 and I feel this would be a good chance to make two pieces that go together. 


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