Rex Ray Fantastic


One of the benefits of being unemployed is that I can actually make it to the training sessions at the MCA where I volunteer on an occasional basis. I was reading my e-mail last week and was SO excited when I saw that Rex Ray was going to be opening a show and training was to be this week. I discover Rex Ray last fall on a pick-me-upper lunch trip to the art store. I bought a postcard book of his work and put a few up in my art room for inspiration.

Seeing Rex Ray made my day. I had never seen pictures of the artist and was surprised by what he looked like-but not if that makes sense. Even though I wouldn’t have recognized him on the street, listening to him speak about his art and process was like being in the presence of a celebrity. 

I have wanted to take some of his techniques into my own work, but his work is so unique that I feel like if I were to do anything it would look too much like a copy. So I have yet to solve that design/art problem.

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