Wax On Wax Off

After being unemployed for a week, I have finally done some art: I finished the piece started over a week ago.  I had bought the bees wax and a “special” brush to work with the melted wax last week and finally found the time this afternoon to try a new wax technique.


Cutting the wax off of the huge 1 pound block proved a bit difficult but I broke off enough to melt. After opening the package, I realized I had bought white wax instead of natural. This proved to be a bit of a problem once I began the process. I think natural would have been more translucent, which was the more desired effect, but I had already spend the $15 on the wax and now must work around that. 

I brushed the wax over the first layer of glued on bits. Then I used the wax to adhere the words, leaves and buttons. All and all it was a relatively quick process and I am mostly satisfied with the outcome. (I wanted to upload my detail shots but blogger is not cooperating with me today, look for details in a future post)

I also went in for my 3rd weigh-in at the gym. Even though I had succeeded in going to the gym 14 times in February, I know my intensity wasn’t there like it was the first month and it showed with my measurements. I am not trying to lose weight,  just trying to create a fit toned me and be healthy. My body fat was up from the previous month, but still down from the initial measurement. At the suggestion of my trainer, I have begun to count my calories. I do not recommend this for anyone who actually has a life or a job. Fortunately, there is a program on the gym’s website that assists me in the counting and has a lot of food items already cataloged. 

Counting your calories really makes you think about what you’re eating. I just think of the hassle of having to input all the info. Of course writing it down and then just sitting down at the computer once a day would be a good idea as well. The first few days will take awhile to get used to and not be totally consumed by documenting everything I eat.

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