Super Saturday

I am getting 1 day ahead of myself and making my weekly post on Saturday instead of Sunday. AND I actually have some progress to report!

This piece is actually the result of canvases gone bad that I had worked on previously. Trying to stick with the indian theme from before, I tried to make a 2nd piece. This failed. I painted over it and that failed. So I peeled what I could off and let it sit. Today, inspired by a quote a friend liked, I turned a failure into a piece of art. I am going to give the canvas to my friend.
If you can’t read the text it says
write the questions
live the answers

I also managed to start a diptych piece that I’ve had on my mind for awhile. Go me! I didn’t even use the “I’m moving in a month” excuse this time. Although I feel I will be prone to use it for much of March.

Also today, feeling rather blah about life, I decided to dye my hair. After years of high school and college hair dying, I had finally grown out all of the dye in my hair and was a “hair dye virgin,” as my hair stylist put it. Inspired by too much TLC and a desire for change, the thought popped into my head. So after the gym this morning I made a trip to target and the hair care isle. I decided on dark, since my hair never holds dark dye for long (so I shouldn’t have the grown out root problem.)


I am happy with the medium ash brown hair color that resulted. Just hoping the boyfriend notices since he didn’t notice my hair cut 2 weeks ago. Although in his defense, neither did I.



Music you should check out:
Sun Volt “Medication”

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