Excuses Excuses

So it looks like I’m going to moving at the end of the month. This means that I need to start thinking about packing. I am using this as an excuse not to create art since I probably don’t want to be starting something new if I have to pack up soon. This of course is a bit absurd because I’m really just using this as an excuse. I’m been using a lot of things as excuses to create art. 

One of the main excuses I use is the gym. I pay for my gym membership, so I feel like I need to go. Which is not a bad thing, but I do use it as a reason not to create.
I’m also less motivated to create because I know that my work is not selling as quickly at the shop since the economy has changed. So I’m not having to replenish my art.
And of course there’s just been an over all lack of motivation and a “why bother” attitude running through my head. Which I know I could help cure just by creating because that makes me feel better and accomplished. 
I also keep telling myself I’m going to work in my sketchbook more….

Reviewing my resolutions a month and a half later, I have not followed through so well on all of them.
• the gym has gone well
• the fruits and veggies is about the same as always
• I have not created my february page yet, but the month is not over
• I have tracked what little sales I have had
• mmmm and “create, create, create” has only been about create, January went better, must regain the momentum

To those of you looking for your inspiration and motivation, my all time favorite-since I was 17- is Sabrina Ward Harrison. May she bring you all the joy and reassurance that she has brought me.

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