Things I did this weekend:

•7:45am yoga
•banana pancakes
•phoned mom and bff
•1 nap
•bike ride to the library on new bike (picked up the book 1000 Artist Journals)
•a trip to the craft store for scrapbook glue-additional items bought: letter stickers, 2 scrapbook papers and 50 tea lights
•a trip to the fabric store-i forgot to measure the windows  so i was unable to buy black out fabric for curtains. but bought 1 seam ripper
•grocery shopped
• made zucchini pecan coconut bread-delicious!
•watched 4 episodes of gilmore girls
•completed 1 scrapbook page


•went in for my weight and measure appointment-lost 1.2% body fat in 1 month. .2% above my goal
•went to REI and bought a hiking shirt on sale
•met my step dad for breakfast at duo
•picked up prescription
•2 loads of landry-color and whites
•6 episodes of gilmore girls
•made potato soup
•made weekly blog post

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