Cheers to Last Week’s Accomplishments



I don’t really have anything new and exciting to share from the past week. But what I do have are two new and exciting things to share from the week before. Which really only goes to show how unproductive this week actually was.

I found an old cruiser bike at the Arc Thrift store for only $30! It’s probably about 50 years old, but I love it. Now all I need is a basket and a lock and I’ll be all set to cruise on down to the grocery store and gym.

Also, I created my very first official 12×12 scrapbook page.

My plan is to eventually create the full album of the trip my mom and took to Europe in 2007. At the rate I am going I will be lucky to have this finished by the end of 2009. I actually even bought a kit, hoping it would give me some of the tools and motivation to get started. I am started, but so far the 2nd page has not come as quick as the first page. The photos are laying on my desk on top of the scrapbook paper. 

Wish me better luck for the week to come on my creating, as well as my gym visitings. I was 1 visit shy of reaching my goal of 13 visits for the month of January. Which, is not so bad, but I really slacked off this last week. And today was spent taking 2 naps, a fact I really don’t think can be blamed on skiing yesterday, but mostly my lack of motivation.


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