Thanks to Mom

After sitting half way finished since October, I have finally finished my first 6×6 inch canvas. I had completed the background-and used it as the background for my holiday cards- and the drawing on the right side and then I got stuck. So for months this piece sat in my studio. No matter what I thought of to compete the piece, nothing felt right. I was inspired by an article I read in
Cloth Paper Scissors and added the strips of colored paper to the bottom. Again, the canvas sat. But this time only for about a week. I was going through some photos and found an old photo my mom took of the redwoods when she was in her teens. I actually cracked the photo a bit in attempt to uncurl it. The photo corners are originals from my mom’s scrapbook as well. This photo combined with a quote from a Dave Matthew’s Band song finally finished the 3 month long piece. 

It’s amazing how quickly some pieces can be finished after having sat for so long. This is one of my favorite pieces so far and I look forward to creating a similar piece to go with it. I still have 3 more 6×6 canvases that I bought from Dick Blick last fall. They have AMAZING deals on canvases. The best part is that their bulk prices start at about 5 pieces, instead of 20 or so like most companies.

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