Banana Pancakes

I made banana pancakes for dinner last night. I had been craving pancakes and had totally forgotten about it until I saw a picture online. 

I received my check for December sales of my artwork. It was the best so far-out of 3 months. And I would hope that December would be the best month. Hope my artwork and cards continue to sell. Even with the economy sucking, it’s encouraging to see that my work is selling.  I’m just excited for when things pick up and I’m thinking my work will really take off. I’m worried about the shop my work is at though, if sales don’t pick up for her, she might have to close. So those of you in the Denver area, make sure to shop at Rejuvenest in the Highlands. Beautiful, cute, little boutique.

No luck in doing any art this weekend. I played the “i’m going to a party, no i’m staying home” game last night and surprisingly the “i’m going to the party” won. I was going to stay home and do art, but I wasn’t feeling it, so I went to the party. And good things came from it, I’ll be getting CS4 from a friend. Score!

Just discovered a new musician. Check out Justin Nozuka, particularly his song Criminal.

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