January always starts this way, a list of things to improve upon, new experiences to enjoy and daily activities to add to the list. and december always ends the same way, self improvements tossed to the winds and “it’s the holidays” excuses for the chocolate, sleeping and over eating.

•i’m joining the gym-what?! if you know me you find this to be an unexpected statement
•work on getting my 2-5 servings of veggies and fruit a day, i actually got in 6 one day last week
•create one page a month in my calendar from last year
•this blog
•actually track the sales of my cards ( so by the end of the year i know just how much i made and how many of what designs sold
•and as always create create create

tonight’s goals is to get my gym pass. first obstacle is the sleeping boyfriend on the floor, i’m adding my membership to his existing account.

good luck to all of you on your new years resolutions

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